Need a quiz? Download one of ours

That's right, you can download past pub quizzes that you can use if someone asks you to set a pub quiz and you keep putting it off and you leave it to the last minute and then have a panic attack the night before it's due, because you're lazy like that. Just click the links below. Slacker.

And on that note, if you'd like to set a pub quiz (and we're always looking for people to do just that, as otherwise we have to write them every week and then you just get endless questions about Star Trek and video games), then you can click the button below to get in touch! Go on, you know you want to - you get a free drink, and we can print it all out for you!

If you're setting a quiz: -

- maximum 35 questions please!

- don't feel you have to stick to the classics, e.g. general knowledge, history, sport, etc - as long as it's an answer that can be written down and marked then go wild!

- feel free to do an additional round; like a picture round or puzzles or anagrams or riddles - you get the idea...