Welcome to the Champion of the Thames

University Challenge has returned! Showing Mondays at 8:30pm

Welcome to the Champ

About us

We're a traditional old boozer in the heart of Cambridge. We pride ourselves on our ales and we think that excellent, friendly service is really important, so that's what you'll get. You might also be treated to a good old-fashioned sing-song if Jonny's about (we take no responsibility for the quality of his singing). So come in and say hello!

Upcoming events

No upcoming events.

More about us

Pub quiz (on summer break, back September!)

Only £1 per person to enter and the winning team earn themselves a free drink each. AND there's a jackpot too (max 5 players per team - you know, to keep it fair). You can also download our quizzes from the Pub Quizzes page.

We're always looking for people to set the quiz so if you'd like to then click the button below to contact us (you get a free drink if you do - bonus!).

We're dog friendly

Bring your four-legged friend in for a drink and a chat - we've always got a water bowl and treats behind the bar (and that's our Dora Dog in the picture - she's sort of in charge).

Cheese & crackers every Sunday at 5pm

Does exactly what it says on the tin. We put out a selection of cheese and crackers every Sunday at 5pm and everyone's welcome to come along and nosh. Join us!